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Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist (HD, New) Willie Geist provides conversational style coverage to the day's news featuring in-depth profiles and culture shaping ideas while discussing various topics.
Meet the Press (HD, New) Roundtable discussions on issues of national and international interest, featuring interviews with members of Congress from opposing parties.
Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures (HD, Repeat, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Animal expert Jack Hanna travels the world to observe some of nature's most exotic and highly dangerous animals while exploring their natural habitats.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.

Lassie Transfusion (TV-PG) The veterinarians determine Pokey may die if she does not receive a blood transfusion soon, and they find Lassie's blood is the perfect match that she needs.
Lassie Local Elections (TV-PG) When gramps is gone fishing on the day of local elections, Ellen worries that a man who doesn't like dogs will be elected as animal catcher.
The Voyager with Josh Garcia Flavor of Thailand (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) A cooking class teaches Josh the art of balancing signature flavors of pad thai, which is an iconic dish in the country of Thailand.
The Voyager with Josh Garcia Life's a Beach (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) During Josh's exploration of Sydney, he views the coastal landscape from a seaplane, discovers the city's beach culture and tries basket weaving.
Journey with Dylan Dreyer Around the World (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) A journey across the world includes an adventure to the Galapagos Islands; the Earth's largest fish and remote islands off the Mexican coast are featured.
Naturally, Danny Seo Home Hacks (HD, TV-G, E/I 13-16) Solutions to nagging household issues are presented; Danny shares tips and ideas to help make lives easier and help save the world while reserving money.

NCIS: Los Angeles Exchange Rate (HD, TV-PG) The team is taken aback after they learn that Anna helped a convicted Cuban spy escape from U.S. custody just before his return home.
NCIS: Los Angeles The Seventh Child (HD, TV-14) Callen attempts to rescue a boy who is at risk of being brainwashed by a group of terrorists; Kensi and Deeks talk about the idea of starting a family together.
NCIS: Los Angeles Seoul Man (HD, TV-14) The team is tasked with working as protective details for the chief of the Pacific Command while trying to locate a North Korean spy.
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